The Awe Inspiring Love of a Father

I saw this story a number of years ago and it really moved me. I suspect it will move you too. If you have any children or hope to have them some day, I’m sure you will admire this Father who is surely a fantastic model to emulate.

As a parent myself, I am impacted by the dedication and determination this Father has shown in helping his son to live a much better life and I will not kid myself in thinking that I could rival what he’s done. But perhaps this video might inspire us all to cherish our own children just a little bit more and maybe raise our own parenting bar just a little bit higher.

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2 thoughts on “The Awe Inspiring Love of a Father”

  1. This is what true love is about. We are all special just by being here. I also have a special needs grandson that I love with all of my heart and do everything to make him happy and to try to communicate with him. He brings me much joy and I look forward to spending my time with him. There are people that help and I am very thankful that I have had the opportunity to meet them. I really believe that he is very happy and feels the love that we give to him everyday. It makes me a better person to have him in my life and I hope to be here for him as long as I can.

  2. Hi Beverly,

    Thank you for commenting.

    Your comment is sure to inspire others.

    Sometimes it’s through people like you and your grandson that God’s love shines through.

    Joy can come in unexpected ways. I admire people like you and the Father in this video.



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