Have You Ever Heard of Usher Syndrome?

A 16 year old boy named Dean sees life through his lens while living with a disease called Usher Syndrome. His passion for photography is evident as he captures life in his own way. Dean appreciates his vision and all that it means to him while he still can.

This video raises awareness about the struggles of Usher Syndrome, which is a syndrome that causes hearing and vision to slowly fade and they are still looking for a cure.

Would You Help Us?

Dean Schille, and his friends entered a mini-movie making contest and they finished in the top 16 out of 104 other movies. Those movies that received awards such as Best Actor and Best Picture get to go straight to Hollywood, and unfortunately their video did not receive any awards. The only way for them to make it to Hollywood is for them to receive the most views of their video by a certain date.

If you would SHARE this video to help Dean, Wyatt and their friends make it to Hollywood we would be very grateful.


Created by Christina & Annie’s Team at University of Central Florida in 2014 as part of Campus MovieFest, the world’s largest student film festival.

A Fading Lens Cast & Crew :
Christina Astore – Captain, Co-Director and Cinematographer
Christopher Hodge – Editor
Nicklas Remington Bajema – Assistant Camera Operator
Anne Lottman – Co-Director and Producer
Dean Schille – Actor


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