Look! It’s Ellen and ME! Ellen and ME!

I am so excited to share this one with you. It is not only inspirational, but hilarious, amusing, amazing and awesome.

Elias Phoenix, a child prodigy pianist made his appearance on The Ellen Show last week and saying he stole the show would be the understatement of the year (thus far).

I couldn’t stop smiling, chuckling and laughing at this young boy’s enthusiasm for life and for Ellen. He had to hug her every few seconds as you are about to see.

I particularly enjoyed his remark around the 2 minute 40 second mark where he explains that he’s not thinking about compliments for himself right now, because he’s thinking about compliments for…

well, click play now and enjoy!

Did you laugh at least once?

I thought you would and how ’bout his incredible talent?

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