Remembering Casey Kasem

You may not be aware of it, but as the internet has evolved, it has given us the ability to access things from our pasts that bring us joy. On Sunday mornings I always log on to the internet after returning from church (I like to go early), and I access a weekly broadcast from a Pittsburgh radio station of Casey Kasem’s American Top 40 shows from the 1970’s.

Perhaps it’s because I use to play in a Top 40 band back in the 70’s, but whatever the reason, I must admit I have always loved listening to the iconic voice of Casey Kasem… not just because of his unique, distinguishable gift, but because he always made me feel as though I was listening to a friend.

This post may not be inspirational at all,
but Casey certainly was, and to know this, one has only to look at Casey’s famous words that we’ve all heard so many times before.

“Keep your feet on the ground, and keep reaching for the stars.”

I’ll miss you Casey. RIP


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