The Bestest Christmas Surprise!

When I was a young boy, I’ll never forget the Christmas when my parents told me that I could choose any gift I wanted from the many all around the room and open it. Of course I was a little surprised because I wondered why they would tell me that since at that point in my life I already had two sisters. What if I selected something that was one of theirs?

Little did I know that my parents knew (or perhaps I should say were fairly certain) that I (like most boys my age), would choose the largest present in the room… and I did! It turned out to be a Baltimore Colts football uniform. You see back in those days, our hometown team was the Baltimore Colts (now known as the Indianapolis Colts).

I cherished that gift and in this video you’ll see some extra large packages that contain the bestest Christmas surprises any family or loved ones could possibly receive. On youtube the title of this one is Troops Surprise Families for the Holidays.” Merry Christmas.

Could you feel the love?     … the joy? Won’t you please share this with your friends and give them a little bit of Christmas Spirit? Thank You!


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