The Greatest Feeling in the World

I have had many wonderful feelings throughout my life, but if someone were to ask me “What was the Greatest feeling I’ve ever experienced?” I could answer unequivocally the feeling of becoming a Dad!

Don’t get me wrong. Becoming a husband was also a very wonderful feeling and so were the many other life events, e.g. scoring my first touchdown, learning to ride a bike without training wheels, graduating from school and on and on but no one could ever talk me out of the feeling I had when I became a Dad as the greatest feeling I’ve ever experienced.

If you ever experience it, I hope you will find it as wonderful as I did. In fact, I liked it so much that I had 2 more children after the first one and they too were spectacular! This video shows a young man that is in that state of joy that I’m describing to you. See if you can tell that this man is on cloud 9 and is so filled with euphoria that it hasn’t even sunk in yet! You might even say that he is as “Happy As a Rat in a Trash Can!” 🙂

Have you ever seen anyone after their child was born?

Were they smiling?

You bet they were. It’s an indescribable feeling that I wish for everyone.

Please help me share this guy’s smile. It’s contagious so your friends will appreciate it.



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