The Kindness Chain

I once heard Dr. Robert Schuller say something like (and I’m paraphrasing) “you’ll never know the impact of the good things you do while you’re here on earth”.

This is a pretty cool video because although it was arranged purposely to make a point, it was interesting and thought provoking to wonder what kind of a ripple effect our good deeds do have on our world.

It also reminded me of the movie called “Pay it Forward” starring Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt. Trevor McKinney (Helen Hunt’s son in the movie) attempts to make the world a better place after his teacher (Kevin Spacey) gives him that chance. His idea if I recall correctly, was for each person to do something good for 3 other people.

This video clip shows human beings each helping one other person. I think Trevors idea was wonderful.

What do you think? Can you do a good deed above and beyond what you normally do everyday?

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