What Defines You?

In a time when beauty is defined by supermodels, success is defined by wealth, and fame is defined by how many followers you have on social media, Lizzie Velasquez asks the question how do you define yourself?

Lizzie was born with an extremely rare genetic condition which only three people in the world suffer from, the condition prevents her from gaining weight and she is blind in her right eye.

Her condition is similar to Progeria, another rare genetic disease which causes aspects of aging to manifest at a very early stage.

Once labeled, “The Worlds Ugliest Woman,” Lizzie decided to turn things around and create her own definitions of what she defines as beauty and happiness.

In this inspirational TED talk, I particularly was moved when she explained that she used the negativity to light her fire… to keep going.

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Here is one of Lizzie’s books. By the way, it is a Best Seller on Amazon!

Be Beautiful, Be You

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