What If Money Was No Object

How often do you make decisions based on your financial situations? I realize that it is an important thing to do in our day to day lives. For example, if you’ve only got 20 bucks and it needs to last until payday, you should probably hold off on going to see that movie everyone’s raving about.  So in this case making that decision, based on your financial situation, would be a wise thing to do. Agree?

But… should the larger, bigger, more important life changing decisions also be based on your financial situation? I say no and so does Alan Watts. If fact, Alan says it’s stupid… absolutely stupid.

Have you already made this decision? Are you glad you did or sorry?

It takes faith to make this decision. It involves risk. Do you believe in yourself? That’s faith, isn’t it?

Or would you rather stand on the sidelines and watch others who take the risk?

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